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NEW: Personalised pyrographics from your photo are available!

We got so many requests if we could do artwork from a photo of a dog etc. Now we are happy to announce that we've build a partnership with the graphic artist Anna Lukasevych. She will convert your photo into a template for pyrographic.  

2Fellnasen are proud to announce that they are official supporters of "The Monty Project"

From every international order (order from outside Germany) we donate 10 % of the invoice amount (excl. shipping) to the Monty project.

About the Monty Project (text taken from there website()?

Back in 2011, we welcomed a cute and fluffy 7 week old Newfoundland Puppy that we named Monty into our family home. 

We already had 3 cocker Spaniels, Molly, Poppy and Bailey, but we very quickly realised that sharing our lives and our home with a giant breed was like nothing we’d ever experienced before. 

I couldn’t even begin to imagine that a few years later we would have won a host of awards and have a number of successful children's books published.

Despite the success of the books and hundreds of free  school visits, we felt that there was so much more we could do. 

We noticed how the dogs had such a powerful effect on the children that met them, and how they had inspired and motivated the children during and after our visits. 

We would like to offer more support for children's mental health and education, and offer smaller group sessions where children can benefit from a more tailored experience for their specific needs. 

Children in the 21st century are avid users of technology - more so than generations past. But while Technology can have a positive  impact on a child's development, it can also have a negative impact, so it's important to make sure you get the right balance. If the downward trend of children reading books continues, we will also lose all the benefits that reading books brings to children.  Extensive studies have shown that reading books plays a substantial role in stimulating brain development and cognitive skills, in addition to offering a range of psychological benefits.

Increases their imagination
Improves their concentration and memory
Helps develop empathy
Improves their vocabulary
Helps build positive self-image
Helps to build their confidence

Alarmingly, research as shown that disadvantaged children are already well behind their peers by age four, and by age six, many are around seven times more likely than other children to be doing badly at school. 

Research has also shown that out of 500,000 (1 in 15) children in England aged 8 – 18 said they didn't own a single book which rose to one in 10 for those eligible for Free School Meals. These figures are shocking! 

Almost a million children in the UK do not have a single book of their own, according to new research conducted by the National Literacy Trust. One of our aims is to change that! 

For more informations check their website https://www.

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