2 Fellnasen supports Pfotenpiloten (Allianz für Assistenzhunde - Pfotenpiloten e.V.)

For every pyrography and booklet sold (Welpenflausen or Görliflausen) we donate 1,00 €

>How we came up with it

Our motif "Flower Wolf" was originally a commissioned work. Since we liked it so much, we asked the customer if we could include the motif in our shop and she immediately agreed. But we didn't just want to do that and thought about how we could reciprocate. Since she has an assistance dog herself, it quickly became clear that we wanted to do something in this direction. She then recommended the Paw Pilots as an organization. This is how this campaign came about. 

Who are Pfotenpiloten?

This is how they describe themselves and their goals:

As an independent, non-profit organization, we are working on a future in which

  • life with an assistance dog will become more accessible and more people will be able to make their lives more mobile,

  • Assistance dog teams are supported from the start and for life - regardless of the bank account,

  • Well-trained and optimally cared for dogs find a fulfilling task in partnership with their humans,

  • Trainers can work optimally because they are supported and their risks are minimized,

  • Funders and the society understand and support the concept 100%.

For more information visit their website https://www.pfotenpiloten.org/ This website is in German only, so we recommend using the translation function of your browser.